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Dogbone Mount - RS3/TTRS Version 2 | RS3 / TTRS (Billet & Polyurethane)

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East Coast Euro has released Version 2 of the RS3/ TTRS dogbone mount with Billet and Polyurethane Parts.

Version 2 now comes with sway bar spacer kits and no longer has a recess cutout of the top metal washer!

Tighten up your engine with this new billet dogbone mount from East Coast Euros! This product comes with everything necessary to replace the OEM rubber bushings, and the OEM mounts and insert. Stiffer material and lack of voids in the bushing provide cleaner and quicker shifts and less wheel hop. This has been tried and tested on a number of high horsepower, 9-second cars before public release.

This mount is made with CNC 6061 aluminum billet arms, spacers, and washers that have been anodized black, and is coupled with a full polyurethane bushing.

NVH increase has been reported as very minimal, with the only noticeable difference/increase when sitting at or below 1000rpm in D-mode. This increase disappears once above that rev range, or in S-mode.