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8V RS3/S3 8S TTRS MK7 Golf R 356mm Rear Caliper Carrier Adapter Kit

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Ratified Motorsport MQB 8V RS3/S3 8S TTRS MK7 Golf R 356mm rear caliper carrier adapter kits.

Upgrade from that small 310mm stock rotors to 356mmx22 rotors using any rotors from A7/A8 and even RS7 wavy discs.

Adapters are made from 7075 T6 aluminum. Direct fit no modifications required.


2 adapters
4 Class 12.9 Bolts
Centering rings

Your choice of rotors. (PURCHASED SEPARATELY) Shown here are stock and slotted/drilled.

Can help source rotors but any vendor selling brakes will be able to sell cheaper.

NOTE the particular 2pc rotor uses a different carrier adapter, picture is just for reference. Inquire about 2pc rotors separately.

*Will not fit most 18” wheels and under*